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Re: Campaign costs

From: Donald Hosford <Hosford.Donald@A...>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 00:42:33 -0400
Subject: Re: Campaign costs

So a "Competetive point system" is taking into account all the "hidden"
costs of a unit?

It does sound like a nightmare...

Donald Hosford

Nyrath the nearly wise wrote:

> Donald Hosford wrote:
> > "Competetive point system"?
> >
> > Could you discribe what this means?
> >
> > In my limited/simple understanding, points are used to buy the ships
I use to
> > try to bash my opponent's ships with.
>	  I'm not sure if I understand myself, but I'll take
>	  a stab at making a total fool of myself.
>	  There is an old adage, to the effect that novice generals
>	  talk about tactics, while veteran generals talk about
>	  logistics.
>	  This reflects the fact that making the battle plan for
>	  the upcoming conflict is childs play compared to
>	  support planning.
>	  Trying to be sure that your ships have enough food,
>	  water, air, fuel, ordinance, spare parts, medical
>	  supplies, and toilet paper is a nightmare.
>	  Wet navy fleets are more than half support ships
>	  compaired to combat ships.  Fleet oilers, repair ships,
>	  provision ships, and the entire supply chain.
>	  Makers of interstellar combat simulations frequently
>	  feel obligated to address this fact of life.

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