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Sa'Vasku Pod Types

From: "Stuart Ford" <smford@e...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 17:48:06 -0500
Subject: Sa'Vasku Pod Types

I have two new Pod types in mind and wanted to run them past
the group.


Hammer Pod
Used as an Ortillery system, per MT rules.
Power:	  3
Biomass: 1


Burster Pod
Fleet Support Artillery System
Power:	  5
Biomass: 1

Burster fire occurs in the same phase as Salvo Missle Systems fire.
The firing player announces that he/she is firing a Burster Pod, and
a marker at their intended target point.  This can be anywhere in the
arc of the Pod Launcher up to 36 MU from the firing ship.

At the end of the movement phase any ships within 6MU of the targeting
marker are subject to burster damage.

Roll 2 D6 for each ship within range and apply damage as follows:
   1-3 = no effect
   4-5 = 1 DP
   6 = 2 DP + Reroll

Damage Points apply to Armor first, if available.  Rerolls apply
directly to
ship structure as to simulate penetrating damage.


I plan on running Sa'Vasku in the future and have designed a Support
the use of these new Pod types in mind.

Any feedback would be welcome...   I have a fire extinguisher handy.


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