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ship naming (was: Re: MT missiles)

From: Indy <kochte@s...>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 10:02:45 -0400
Subject: ship naming (was: Re: MT missiles)

Mike Miserendino wrote:
> Indy wrote:
> >
> Quite a list now!

For a while I was scouring the list for people who posted and cross-
correlated that with the original list of names. If a name didn't appear
in the original list (ie, was a newly joined lister or a lurker whom I
had missed in the past), then I added their name to the list.

I've been too busy, though, lately to keep that up. Just once in a while
now.  :-/

> > The bulk of the ships you'll find on the NAC fleet roster page. But
> > "Miserendino" is a UN vessel.
> Cool!  I've named ships after list members and GZG judges at cons
> before.  It's fun to include the "gang" in naming.

Don't play against our Jon Atkinson. Last time I was in a scenario
with/against him, he specifically *targetted* the Tuffley-class DDHs
because he thought it was annoying to have them named so. IMO they're
a good ship, but when singled out for execution...

> > > Of course, it's off by one letter.
> > D'oh!!!!
> Thanks for the correction and the ship!

Thanks for catching it for me! I don't know where my head went when
I first put it in...


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