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Re: MT missiles

From: Indy <kochte@s...>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:54:07 -0400
Subject: Re: MT missiles

Aaron Teske wrote:
> >> What, you don't remember grabbing a spare table from the cluster
next to
> >> ours, throwing a mat on it, and shifting it around as needed?
> >
> >Oh yeah, that's right. My mind is fuzzy with about fifteen million
> >other things right now.  :-/  Some neural pathways have been
> >from the main 'net' due to overusage problems.
> Excuses, excuses. ^_-

At my age, gotta keep 'em comin'!  ;-)

> >> >> Unfortunately, some of the FSE escorts managed to get away and
> >> >> provide thier lackeys in the UN with faked footage showing the
> escorts
> >> >> as UN escorts, resulting in the good officers of the NSL
squadron being
> >> >> improperly taken to trial for their actions....
> >> >>
> >> >> <grin>
> >> >
> >> >The UN was not happy about losing some of their ships.  ;-)
> >>
> >> But those were FSE escorts, darn it!  It wasn't our fault if our
IFFs were
> >> screwy!
> >
> >The ESU sent independent observers and salvage operators into the
> >area shortly after the unfortunate incident occured.
> Oh, like I trust the *ESU*!!!  Yeah, right.... <snort>

They would never have become such a major power bloc by lying, cheating,
and stealing their way there, now would they have?  ;-)

> >Their findings
> >concluded that the ships involved were indeed NSL and UN. Holovid
> >taken from the wreckage of the UN heavy destroyer "Miserindino"
> >the NSL fleet dramatically blowing apart the *crippled* UN heavy
> >'Ingraham".
> Did the ship surrender?  Did it even *try* to surrender?  I don't
think so.

Holovid records indicate it was *heavily* damaged, streaming atmosphere
from hundreds of breaches in the hull. However, the NSL forces
continued to fire on it, despite the fact that there was *no* return
coming from it. It was not given the chance to withdraw from the field,
nor surrender. It was, to put it bluntly, brutally butchered.

The NSL officers on trial got off lucky. There are still those who
are calling for their heads for war crimes (and during peacekeeping
operations, too!).

> (Okay, so maybe it didn't get the chance, but still.... ^_- )
> >You NSLers didn't clean up the field as well as you thought you
> How the heck would you clean up anything like that, anyway?

Should have thought of that before you entered the system trying to
assault a ship under protective custody of the UN.


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