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Re: Colonization: A Wrench in the Works

From: Nyrath the nearly wise <nyrath@c...>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 05:46:51 -0400
Subject: Re: Colonization: A Wrench in the Works

Edward Lipsett wrote:
> Now, obviously this doesn't fit the Tuffleyverse, but it doesn't leak
> the seams quite as badly as you might expect, either. If you assume
> these teleportation systems cannot be "cracked" by third parties (in
> other words, you can only get access from a specific terminal to a
> specific terminal, or otherwise safeguarded), then all the
> star-traveling hardware of FT is still needed (to conquer other
> planets, if for no other reason). It makes it rather simple to move
> good, people and military hardware around between planets, though,
> doesn't it?

	This was explored in depth in the facinating

	In that three player game, a pitifully weak Earth was
	right in between two alien empires.

	The first one used FTL starship.  The second used teleportation
	gates.	The gates had to be delivered by slower than light
	drone ships.

	The races wanted to attack each other, but couldn't.

	The starship race could strike anywhere, but could only
	transport a limited number of soldiers.  Once they landed,
	the teleporter race could gate in every army they had on
	every world they had.

	And every time the teleporter race sent a drone into
	a world of the starship race, enemy starships easily
	destroyed the incoming drone.

	Both sides want Earth, as it occupies a strategic position.
	The only way Earth can survive is to play the other two
	races off against each other.  And Earth is the only race
	that can research and build *both* systems, starship and gate.

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