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Re: A little more on trade

From: Jeff Miller <shadocat@p...>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 15:39:11 -0700
Subject: Re: A little more on trade

Sean Bayan Schoonmaker wrote:

> >- Inter-whatever trade can exist profitably even without covering the
> >whole spectrum of tradeable goods. This already is the current state
> >affairs (and has always been), we're just not paying much attention
to it.
> There's no real need to be specific. The actual goods involved can be
> abstracted.

You sound like an economist.  <grin>

If you assume (I am an economist) that the interstellar community is so
big and
diverse that any resourse can be had if you are willing to pay for it
then trade
can completely abstracted to $s worth of Goods.  That would simulate
modern day
Earth (no one would really worry about whether they could get there
hands on
some titanium, for example).

If, however, you are playing with a campaign that has less diversity (or
one of the pesky kind of people who *like* juggling this sort of stuff
You should make a distinction between valuable and bulk resources.  This
simulate the availability of, say, plutonium for modern day Earth.

In addition to raw materials, there are manufactured goods.  The value
manufactured goods should probably vary by the average tech level of the
that produced it.


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