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[FT/OT] Trade and Competition (ITTT/NI)

From: "Izenberg, Noam" <Noam.Izenberg@j...>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 11:00:23 -0400
Subject: [FT/OT] Trade and Competition (ITTT/NI)

>From Brian Bell:

>Not every colony signed up with ITTT (mistrusting the 99 year
>Many colonies failed due to loss of a cargo run or because a shipping
>company or government stopped delivering to thier world (not
>Others succeded without ITTT (NI for example). Most of the ones who
>had large initial populations on one or more worlds in a given system
>(providing more "in house" resources and less requirement for

NI would be one of ITTT's long-time competitors. The two could operate
the same (physical and economic) space without too much conflict due to
differing business plans. NI started its colonial business selling
interstellar colony ships to any buyer - the rebuilding Israelis needed
capital any way they could get it in the early years. The buyer paid all
costs up front, and in return got the same ship and equipment NI used to
start its own colonies. The Eden class colonial transport carried 2500
in cold sleep) colonists and equipment to their destination planet,
a small orbital platform/com station, and made a one-way atmospheric
to a chosen site. Edens were in mass production from 2095 (just before
the settlement of NI in Epsilon Indi) through 2125, when the Diaspora
(a re-usable transport with one way colonial "drop pods") began service.

NI colonial contracts were (and still are) one shot, pay as you go, no
strings attached deals. More expensive and risky in the short run than
ITTT's contracts, they appelaed to the Earth's Chalutzim (Pioneers) (as
as to those who felt the need to leave Earth at all costs). If you made
you were free and clear, and could join the interstellar community when
colony was able. Some colonies received supplemental help from parent
gov'ts, some knuckled under and signed with ITTT when they found they
couldn't hack it. The odd disaster or raid certainly took their toll of
settlements, and some took many decades to re-emerge on the interstellar
scene, but that was what the colonists signed on for.

Starting in the 2140's NI started capitalizing on the terraforming
capabilities developed on its own worlds. Giant (140+ Mass)
atmosphere-capable mobile laboratories, with personnel were contracted
some years at a time to help establish or stabilize colonies on the less
hospitable planets. A spinoff of the terraforming "fleet" (The ships
"owned" by a bizarre and tangled conglomerate of private contractors,
individual investors, and government sponsors) was a Rescue/Relief/Evac
capability using modified terraformers. They operate under the auspices
the Magen David Adom, and are sponsored in part by the UN, Interstellar
Cross, insurance underwriters, and the parent governments of the

There's enough business out there, seems to me, for quite a flavorful
Interstellar Economy.


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