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Re: Thoughts on FB3

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 18:17:39 +1000
Subject: Re: Thoughts on FB3

G'day guys,

>>* Some Spinal Mount Gun? The Wave Motion Gun might be OK, the >Nova
>Cannon is right out! I'd prefer not to have either, but the UN
>>SuperDread model is crying out for one. *shrug*
>The Tasmanians don't seem to be overly worried about NCs or WGs
>in Vector, where those weapons are easier to aim/harder to dodge than
>in Cinematic. Or perhaps they *are* overly worried, and make sure no
>NC- or WG-armed ship survives to fire more than once... either way
>they've complained about these weapons being too weak <g>

No we're not overly worried, we're not worried at all, though that was
under old vector, under new I haven't come up against them yet. Even
though it would really only be the nova cannon that I'd be concerned
When you think how much damage the beams etc can inflict when you let
and then compare it with a system that does a few dice worth in a tight
beam and doesn't let you fire any other system its a twiddle. The more I
see discussions like this (and even the MT missile comments from Mikko)
more I see the difference between the two styles of play.... cinematic
seems to be very much based on movement with quite a few turns and
reasonable levels of damage per turn whereas vector is faster (shorter
number of turns total) and much bloodier (more damage per turnhence
games). I guess with out realising it this was one of the reasons we
with the longer SM ranges in vector - given how bloody everything else
tends to be they just seemed too weak if you only used 3".



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