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Re: Thoughts on FB3 +

From: John Leary <john_t_leary@p...>
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 09:01:47 -0700
Subject: Re: Thoughts on FB3 +

Izenberg, Noam wrote:
> Noam - slowly updating New Israel to ca. 2193. Here's the timeline
after FB1
> (2183):
> 2188 - The Battleship Dayan and a small contingent from the Deep Range
> Escort Fleet join the multinational force for expected first contact
> rendezvous with the "Sa'Vasku."
> 2189 - A minor New Israel-Islamic Federation skirmish is jumped by
> raiders, who attack both sides indiscriminantly. The KV destroy half
of both
> human forces and are pursuing the remnants when the  Phalons arrive
> attack the Kra'vak. The Phalons gain the upper hand and start to
> barter/ransom the initial combatants for which side they will join in
> original conflict. Before negotiations are complete, a Sa'Vasku force
> up and destroys all fleets in the vicinity.

Stray thoughts:
It must have been one He** of a Sha'Vasku fleet, 'cause they cannot
thier way out of a paper bag.
We can presume the NI did not get alone with the Sha'Vasku at the
meeting, since the 'S' trashed all the fleets.
...Phalon on the half shell, extra crispy, just the way I like it!
Trace metals for dessert, wow!

Bye  for now
John L.

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