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Re: GMS/P vs. IAVR

From: "Oerjan Ohlson" <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 17:55:49 +0200
Subject: Re: GMS/P vs. IAVR

Steve Pugh wrote:

>Page 37 
>Individual Fire of Support Weapons 
>Para 2 "The RANGE BAND is the same as for small arms fire if the 
>support weapon is being used by infantry, but can be higher 
>(depending on target size) if the weapon is on a groundmount or 
>This clearly implies that support weapons can use the 12" x target 
>size range bands  
>Para 3 "Support weapons that are marked with an ASTERIX on the 
>weapons table may be fire like HEAVY WEAPONS when firing at point 

Ah, good!
>Note that it says 'fire like' not just 'resolve damage like' as 
>you implied, (so do, for example, IAVRs role Quality + Firepower or 
>Quality + Fire Control?).

IAVRs have a section of their very own (p.40), which says that they
roll Quality + Firepower - but note that their anti-vehicle firepower
is given as D8 in this section, while their anti-infantry firepower in
the table on p.36 is D10...

>Heavy Weapon Range Bands 
>Para 3 "Note that any MAN-CARRIED and manually-fired weapons >such as
Small Arms and Infantry Support Weapons simply use their >basic Range 
Bands against ANY size target; the multiplication of >Range Bands
described above is ONLY used for Heavy Weapons fitted >to vehicles or
> This is the rule you referred to yesterday, with the emphasised ONLY.

>However, it not only contradicts a preceeding passage on the same 
>page but also emphasises MAN-CARRIED. So what about infantry >support
weapons which aren't man-carried?  

>So you see the confusion?

Not only that - I was quite confused myself :-/


Oerjan Ohlson

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