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Re: [OT] Have questions-setting up game shop

From: krs@g...
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 11:12:36 -0700
Subject: Re: [OT] Have questions-setting up game shop

On 28 Apr 00, at 12:04, wrote:

An excellent source for info on distributors is the Games 
Quarterly magazine, an industry resource that lists, 
products, manufacturers, distributors and organizations.  
Call 303-254-5824/5820 (fax) for info on how to obtain a 
copy.  Or contact them by email at 

Of course you can contact us direct, we do sell 
wholesale to stores. 

KR, Geo-Hex

> but my big question is who could I talk to find
> distributors. The other shops in other towns dont want to
> give me the answers probally because I will be taking their
> business. Anyone have any info on this ? ***
> Sorry, don't have much on this, but my limited understanding
> would indicate the distributors share the shops reticence.
> A distributor demands volume, and a startup already sharing
> a town, the internet, whathaveyou, has to demonstrate that
> they can deliver orders of that volume.
> They don't care to deal with consumers who are merely
> looking for wholesale prices, nor do they wish to offend
> regular, long-term customers. I won't debate the morality (I
> certainly don't have any say in this) but I can understand
> it.
> How detailed is your business plan so far? What are your
> figures for markets?
> The_Beast

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