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RE: SG2/DS2 artillery/CBR/Designators

From: "Brian Bell" <bkb@b...>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:14:39 -0500
Subject: RE: SG2/DS2 artillery/CBR/Designators


On future and present day battlefields, how long does Counter-Battery
(CBR) last? It would seem that as soon as the radar is switched on there
would be a shell, rocket, or missile in the air to remove it.

Along the same lines, seeing the trend toward smart or guided
munitions/missiles, I could easily see a counter-designating weapon.
That is
a weapon system similar to PDS that detects target designating lasers
send fire back to its point of origin.

This could have a marked effect on the future battlefield.

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Glover, Owen wrote :

> So given our wonderous future; before the first enemy rounds hit the
> ground the CBR has vectored your CB guns and their first rounds are
in > the air too! So what if the enemy fires 1 salvo and scoots? 6 guns
firing 1 > round each is NOT a good arty support fire. So by making him
scoot with > such little fire is actually doing the CB job;
neutralising the enemy artillery > fire.

6 guns firing 1 round each before they scoot is not a good arty support
fire with *today's* ammunition, no. 6 guns firing 3 rounds each (ie, a
10-15 second burst) is currently becoming UK Army doctrine - after the
third shell lands, the target is considered likely to have taken cover
anyway :-/

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