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RE: Crew Served Weapons and IWAR

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 07:26:34 +1000
Subject: RE: Crew Served Weapons and IWAR

Crew Served Weapons. Personally I think the additional crew are used for
whole range of tasks not just feeding ammo. The Stargrunt "5 minute"
encompasses a lot of activity. So we have teh weapon laying on target,
to update target co-ords, fire control orders, reseating mounts after
vibration, clearing stoppages (ALL infantry weapons have stoppages even
under normal useage). In a three man team you can maintain good
rates of fire. In a two man team you may have to work at rapid fire
rates to
keep a sustained rate down range. With one man it can get REALLY hard
keeping up the sustained rate.

Remembering too, that the roll of the dice in SG isn't a single burst
your 20mm but the continuous firing for a few minutes.

Someone has recommended having a look at Close Combat3 teh Russiona
Front...anyone played it?

Owen G

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> Subject: Crew Served Weapons and IWAR

> As for crew served weapons: Within the context of SG2 (2-5 minute
> turns), is there really a penalty for not having a loader for 
> a GMS/P or
> for an HMG? On the one had, if you charge the player an 
> action to load,
> that's great. It makes the loader valuable. But maybe too much so. So
> far, I've only said the loader exists to hump the weapon (HMG team) or
> hump ammo (GMS/P and RR teams and HMG of course). Losing your 
> loader is
> equivalent to losing shots. Now, in a game like FMA Skirmish where the
> loaders activity is clear and of obvious benefit, you really miss him!

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