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Re: How many players?

From: Mark Reindl <mreindl@j...>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 07:51:57 -0800
Subject: Re: How many players?

The biggest we've done was eight.  Unfortunately, all of the people who
having bad luck ended up on my side (myself included) so we got worked
pretty hard.  We lost half of our fleet, and didn't even manage to take
out a
single enemy ship.  On one turn I rolled something like 20 dice from a
ship and got one lousy hit.  We didn't need fog of war to screw us up in
one :).  I prefer four players myself, simply because the games tend to
get a
bit unwieldy if you have lots of players with lots of ships.

Mark wrote:

> Just to get a little dicussion going with those that write scenarios
and run
> games of Full Thrust...
> What's the largest number of players you've had in one game?	What is
> preferred number of players?
> The largest game I've done so far was 10 players, but I think I prefer
> 6 (three on each team)--enough for some miscommunication and
fog-of-war (no
> plan survives contact with...your allies) but few enough to run fairly
> quickly.
> Rob

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