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RE: [SGII] Newbie Game

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 08:25:33 +1000
Subject: RE: [SGII] Newbie Game

Hey Magnus,

As far as squad composition goes I would stringly suggest using the
orgs from teh back of the Rules set. 

Try one platoon on each side. ESU vs NSL is a good starter. NSL have
firepower and better armour but lower numbers. Play the NSL with d8 SAWs
PPG and the ESU with the GMS. For GMS go with teh simple approach that
CAN engage infantry targets. Target roll a d4 for ECM modified up one
die if
in Cover (soft or hard doesn't matter) and Impact of d8 shrapnel and HE
blast effect. 

I would RECOMMEND that you use the basic rules but add smoke from the
advanced. Leave buildings out of it for teh moment.

Stick to Mission Motivations of Medium and Confidence Levels of CO. I
suggest for a first game having all squads Regular but maybe add in a
Veteran if you wish. Leave Greens out until you play one or two more;
tests can be easily forgotten in games so keep it simple.

This sets up for a good 'Patrol Clash' game where the two forces simply
start at each end of the table and must get off the other end inflicting
maximum casualties on opponent with minimising own casualties. Play on a
table 6 x4 and let it only go for 12 turns. The game will also end if
side has all his 'live' figures off the table at teh end of a turn.

Award victory points for each enemy figure killed and deduct for each
figure killed. BUT only count friendly figures if they are OFF the

This should be easily played out in two or two and a half hours.

Is that enough? Too much?



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> Subject: [SGII] Newbie Game
> Hi there!
> I'm running a small SGII game in a local store next week. 
> I've dabbled 
> with the rules some. Got the big picture right (or so I 
> think). Me and my 
> friends have run a few small encounters just to get the 
> general feel of 
> the mechanics. 
> So, what's the problem you might ask? 
> Q1:Well, I would like to have some pointers to what's a good newbie 
> scenario, force wise and level of the rules. What we have in 
> models are a 
> good range of GW minis, maybe up to a three squad platoon on 
> each side.
> Have been eyeing the starter scenarios in the rulebook. Does 
> any1 have 
> any tips on forces on either side? 
> Q2:How do you organise your squads? How many SAW's, GMS(sp?) 
> and so on?
> Commandsquads? Different?
> ///Magnus
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