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RE: FB Ship Construction

From: "Robertson, Brendan" <Brendan.Robertson@d...>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 09:58:05 +1100
Subject: RE: FB Ship Construction

1.	By arcs seems to be best.  You want to be able to fire all
regardless of arc & then add 1 FC for redundancy.  Eg: 2 beams & 2
both offset would need 4 firecons + 1 redundant.
2.	1 PDS per 25-30 mass would give you average defences.  More than
per 20 mass starts cutting into your offensive firepower unless you
heavy fighter/missile engagements.
3.	5-8% armour/PDS, 30% hull, 5% screen. (ie: NAC ships).	This
you the best all around defences against the full range of weapons. 
beam heavy or PTorp/missile heavy forces, you need to bias the defences
4.	DDs are classed as expendable units in a fleet engagement, which
means high speed and flanking maneuvers.  Class-2s are less mass
for 3 arcs than Class-3s (you can get 3 class-2s for 1 class 3 with the
arcs) which gives greater effect for those DDs which do get into range. 
the time your opponent is plinking DDs, you're heavier units are
the armour & first threshold off their heavies while you close the
5.	High thrust and multi-arc weapons are more important in
cinematic as
you need a larger maneuver envelope to bring single arc weapons to bear.
Vector, you can load a ship with single arc weapons & not significantly
degrade the firepower on a turn-by-turn basis.
6.	Unless taken to extremes, there aren't any systems to avoid in
standard weapons.  Needlebeams can be useful in light attack ships or as
multiweapon broadsides on a larger ship, otherwise don't mount them
they aren't reliable enough.

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> I have a question for the Shipwrights on the list:
> 1) What's the best way to estimate how many fire-cons are appropriate
> for a vessel? By raw mass? By mass of weapons? By # of weapons
> systems?
> 2) What's the best way to estimate how many PDS are appropriate for a
> vessel? mass?
> 3) What is the best ratio of armour/hull/screens?
> 4) Beams: What mix of 3/2/1s? For example, I think DDs with 3s are
> great - lots of punch. But most DDs use 2s. Am I missing something?
> I'm trading long range FP for shorter ranged punch, and to prevent my
> DDs getting popped before they can close.
> 5) Comment on any design differences between vector and cinematic and
> any design commonalities (how to design ships that work well in
> either).
> 6) Are there any systems to avoid like the plague (as poorly
> balanced)? (Other than the obvious potentially unbalanced WG, NC, and
> RF).

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