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Re: [ft] NAC fleet roster analysed

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Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 16:12:55 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: [ft] NAC fleet roster analysed

>> here's the list (alphabetically sorted, i'm afraid):
>> BB	26
>> BC	14
>> BC/E 7
>> BC/P 4
>/P indicantes patrol?

No, pulse-torp variant, or heavy fire-support type ship. From the text:

"BC/P - The BLACK PRINCE class battlecruiser (BC/P) is a heavy
variant of the MAJESTIC class battlecruiser. Built in small numbers
since 2168,
its role is to support a fleet with heavy long-range firepower. Though
thrust is standard, it has a higher rotational ability than many ships
of its
size, allowing it to bring its limited-arc weapons to bear more easily.
In the
hands of a good captain, the BLACK PRINCE has proven to be a valuable
asset in
large-scale fleet battles and more production is planned. Service

     First entered Service: 2168 
     Currently in NAC service: 5 
     Lost in action: 1 
     Decommissioned/scrapped: 0 
     Relegated to Reserve Fleet: 0 
     Sold to other forces: 1 
     Under Construction: 2 
     Procurement cost: 3370 MUCr "

- text and design by Daryl Poe	(who is not on the list, but is directly
responsible for getting me involved in these games :)

>> DD	227
>> FFH	146
>That is a heck of a lot of DDs. How am I going to model that many? I 
>guess I better get cracking...

Never said it was a pyramid-shaped hierarchy of ships out there.  ;-)

Off to pack and go watch some Leonids...

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