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New Low Rates (long)

From: "Izenberg, Noam" <Noam.Izenberg@j...>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 11:11:06 -0500
Subject: New Low Rates (long)

Sabra Colonial Enterprises announces new, low Per-Capita and
Per-Installation rates on Colonial ventures. With the recent completion
the 5th Sinai Class Colony ship, near completion of the 6th, and ready
production of drop pods and ancillary support shuttles and stations, SCE
stands ready to meet your exansion and exploration needs. FTL-message
branch offices on Sabra, Gan, or Metzada, or our Core world
toarrange an initial meeting to discuss your destinationand situation. 

Appended is a short rundown of available ships and capacities. 
Below that are descriptions of our other services, including
and Rescue/Evac

> Diaspora-G (Sinai) Colony ship:
>  Hull Displacement: 400
>  Point Cost: 679 + 152 for station pod & shuttles + 160 for Heavy
>  Unallocated Mass: 0
>  Ship Type: Merchant/Civilian
>  Hull Strength: Fragile
>  Hull Armor: 0
>  Streamlining: None
>  Thrust: 1 Loaded, 3 Empty
>  FTL Capable
>  ECM: None
>  Hull: 10/10/10/10
>  Crew: 20 (70 officers, 330 Ratings)
>  Screen / 1
>  Cargo Space: C40 C40 C40 C40 Four colonial Drop Pods
>  Cargo Space: HL40 HL40 SP34 Two Heavy Lifters and one Station Pod 
>  Beam / 1
>  Beam / 1
>  PDS (3)
>  Fire Control System (1)
> 5 In active service. The last of the run is almost finished
> 1 lost and accounted for, 1 vanished.
> Gimel Class Colonial Drop Pod
> Dispolacement: 40
> Complement: 600 Colonists and equipment @ 15/Mass (well stocked); 1000
> 25/mass (moderate supply); 2000 @ 50/mass (low supply). Each pod is
> redundant.
> Power/Locomotion: Unidirectional atmospheric entry. Grav/retro assist.
> Fusion plants and solar/wind power generators are packed.
> Gimel Class Heavy Lifter
>  Hull Displacement: 40
>  Point Cost: 80
>  Unallocated Mass: 0
>  Ship Type: Merchant/Civilian
>  Hull Strength: Fragile
>  Hull Armor: 0
>  Streamlining: Full
>  Thrust: 4
>  FTL: None
>  ECM: None
>  Hull: 1/1/1/1
>  Crew: 2 (8 officers, 32 Ratings)
>  Cargo Space: C5 C5 C5 C5 
> Inbound, lifters can carry 300/400/800 Colonists.
> Magen III Class Station Pod/Outpost
>  Hull Displacement: 34
>  Point Cost: 124+24 for shuttles
>  Unallocated Mass: 0
>  Ship Type: Merchant/Civilian
>  Hull Strength: Weak
>  Hull Armor: 3
>  Streamlining: None
>  Thrust: 0
>  FTL: None
>  ECM: None
>  Hull: 2/2/1/1
>  Crew: 2 (8 officers, 26 Ratings)
>  Screen / 1
>  Size 7 Bay, 6 heavy shuttles
>  Beam / 1
>  Beam / 1
>  Beam / 2 Forward Half
>  Beam / 2 Aft Half
>  PDS (2)
>  Fire Control System (2)
> While pod is attached to colony ship, its armaments can be used.
> Shuttles can be pressed into service as fighters if need be. Treat as
> Green/Turkey heavy fighter group.
> When a colony ship reaches its destination, it drops the pods to the
> designated planetary coordinates, undocks the lifters, and places the
> outpost in geostationary orbit above the colony site. The outpost acts
> a way station b/t the new colony and space. All told the Sinai can
> 3000-10,000 colonists in one trip. 
[I envision the ship along the lines of B5's Cortez. Long and spindly
command module in front, station pod and lifters mounted symmetrically
forward "neck", FTL drive bulge in the center,	4 colony pods as part of
rotating section (save on mass not to have grav) in aft neck, then
sublight engines in the rear.]

Historical and other classes of colony ships follow:

> Eden Class (Production run 2095-2125)
>      Mass 100 
>      Transport Capacity 2500 colonists (50/mass)
>      Supported much early human expansion to the stars. Sold
> indiscriminantly for capital.
>      Ship was partially streamlined, designed for one-way (realtively
> rough) entry into atmosphere of planet, after dropping modular station
> or lift vehicle and FTL dive in orbit.
>      X produced, Y Lost and accounted for, Z Vanished
>      None known to be in active service.
> Diaspora Class (2130-2150) 
>      Mass 206 
>      Transport Capacity: 2375 @ 25/mass; 4750 @ 50/mass
>      First modular colonial design. Carried a Magen Class Station Pod
> Mass), One Alef-Class Heavy Lifter (30 
>      Mass, 15 Cargo), and Four Alef-Class (20 Mass) Colonial Drop
>      X produced Y Lost and accounted for Z Vanished
>      One known to be in active service with other powers.
> Diaspora B (Negev) Class (2150-2170) 
>      Mass 310 
>      Transport Capacity: 2250 @ 15/mass; 3750 @ 25 mass (standard);
7500 @
> 50/mass
>      Two Alef-Class heavy lifters, Magen II Class Station Pod (30
> Four Bet-Class (30 Mass) Colonial Drop 
>      Pods
>      X produced Y Lost
>      Two remain in active service
> Eden II Class (in production, First due 2190) 
>      Mass 600 
>      Transport Capacity: 3600 @ 15/mass; 6000 @ 25 mass (standard);
> @ 50/mass
>      Two Gimel-Class heavy lifters, Magen IV Class Station Pod (40
> Four Hey-Class (50 Mass) Colonial Drop Pods
>      Open production run, 2 currently in production.
>      Designed during the escalating Third Interstellar War and under
> construction during the Intersentient War, the 
>      Eden II has incrementally more colonial capacity than the Sinai,
> far better protection, with Grade 19 armor, level 2 Screens, and 6
> The fully loaded Eden II also has a Thrust 2 Main drive, and 4 Class 2
> 4 Class 1 beams, and 3 Fire Controls in addition to the Magen IV
> to cover its operations.
>      The Eden II is designed to transport more colonists further,
> and more safely than its predecessors.
Ginah (garden) Class
>  Hull Displacement: 142
>  Point Cost: 320
>  Unallocated Mass: 0
>  Ship Type: Merchant/Civilian
>  Hull Strength: Fragile
>  Hull Armor: 3
>  Streamlining: Full
>  Thrust: 4
>  FTL Capable
>  ECM: None
>  Hull: 4/4/3/3
>  Crew: 8
>  Cargo Space: T13 T13 T12 T12 Terraforming equipment/stores
  Beam / 1  
  Beam / 1
>  PDS (2)
>  Fire Control System (1)
>  Can evacuate 2750/5500 (normal/heavy load) people at one time
The first of New Israel's Terraforming fleet, theGina (garden) is a
ship capablie of landing planetside with the labs, stores, and equipment
needed to help tame inhospitable planetary environments. These ships
terraform practices and protocols developed on NI colony worlds to be
available for lease to other nations. Capabilities include, but are not
limited to: biostores for introducing friendly soil bacteria; labs for
splicing new crop strains; pressure dome construction materials to
semi-hostile atmospheres or adjust uncomfortable pressures; purification
equipment; laboratories to study potential compatability and
adaptability of
native life to colonists and vise versa; and special hazard capability
moniotor and help control in case the human presence unbalances the
regional or planetary biosphere.  

The Chavah class Terraformer is 280 mass, Partially streamlined (Rhrust
and carries 100 mass of terrforming equipment. It is one of the largest
ships in known space capable of regular transit form space to planet and
back again. It's laboratory and stores complement is double that of the
Ginah and is used for more challenging environments and projects where
is more of the essence.  

Rescue / Disaster Relief / Evac Ships

Raphael:  Rescue / Relief / Evac variant of the Ginah. Armor, 1xC1 and
are removed for 5 more cargo, and the Ginahs labs and stores are swapped
for relief suppliy or triage facilities and berths. In evac
and a capacity of 50 persons per mass, the Raphael can evacuate 2750
from a planet surface. In emergency crowding conditions, twice as many
evacuees can be crammed on board. In a dedicated facility, a Ginah can
converted to a Raphael in a matter of hours, so the two ship classes are
effctively counted as one. Currently three Ginahs have Raphael
configuration. One Raphael was lost without a trace in 2167 during a
planetary evacuation when a solar storm compromized its navigation
system as
it entered FTL. (320 NPV)  

Motzei (finder): Fast Search and Rescue Ginah variant. This ship is a
version of the Raphael, with Thrust 6 as well as full streamlining. Its
defensive capacity is higher due to potential operations in more
areas. It has grade 3 armor and 3 Class 1 beams, in addition to its 2
2 Enhanced sensor arrays allow for fast coverage of large areas of space
and/or planetary surfaces for stranded ships and people. The Motzei
sacrifices some capacity for these abilities, able to carry 1600 to 3200
evacuees. First produced in 2151, three Motzei are in active service.

Tevah (ark):  Rescue / Relief / Evac Chavah variant. For large scale
planetary disasters. 2xC1 and 2xPDS,and 1 Fire control are removed for 5
more cargo, otherwise similar conversion as the Raphael. Capacity is
5250-10500 evacuees. Two Chavahs are currently in Tevah configuration.

Seraph (angel): Heavy Evac. The Seraph is designed to dive into almost
environment or circumstance, pick up its people, and get out fast. It is
fully streamlined and has thrust 7 engines. Armament is the same as the
Tevah, and additional cargo space is sacrificed for 15 armor (50 Mass
cargo). Rescue capacity is 2500-5000. (746 NPV) The first was produced
2176, and dubbed Tevah-B. The class was renamed after its first disaster
relief mission in 2177 when a number of evacuees initially mistook the
rapidly descending ship alternately for an angel of salvation or death.
Currently two seraphs, Gavriel and Michael are in service. One of the
Chavahs in production is a thrid Seraph.

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