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Re: Battle of Neu Bremen

From: "Dowd" <pdowd@s...>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 17:21:02 +1100
Subject: Re: Battle of Neu Bremen

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From: Nik <>
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Date: Tuesday, 16 November 1999 10:37
Subject: Battle of Neu Bremen

We are trying to recreate the Battle of Neu Bremen.  This is rather a
undertaking considering that not one but two Jeanne D'Arc class fleet
carriers.  We will be using the operational movement system out of Star
Fire. But there are other considerations and here are a few

1/ It was an Ambush.  What does this mean?

2/ Who owned the system at the time NSL or FSE?
3/  What does the system look like and what are the main assets found
4/ In a recreated battle both players know more than the original force
commanders so how is this "god mode" suppressed?
5/ What forces were available to each force?

I have tried to answer some of these questions but I would like anyones

1/Ambush.  From my limited experience on ambushes they tend to be set
battles (rather than an immediate ambush drills) where you can
an enormous amount of fire power to totally overwhelm the enemy (who is
hopefully surprised).  They are usually placed on known enemy routes
lines) or cut off forces (stopping enemy escaping after a battle)
The largest ambush I've been in (an exercise, live fire) was an infantry
company with an APC troop (12) attached along with a battery (6) of
It all looked very nice and made heaps of noise but it was a ground
This brings me to my question how do you ambush in space?

5/ Forces available?
I was thinking
FSE two colonial CVA battle groups (FT: Unofficial Fleet Roster) plus
2/3 DD
groups and a CA group attached about 18000 pts

NSL the First Fleet (Von Tegetthoff FT: Unofficial Fleet Roster) plus
2/3 DD
groups and 2 CA groups attached about 28,000 pts

All of these forces would not be in the same area at the same time as a
system is a large place.  I'm not looking for something like Röt Hafen
this was more a battle of the line but rather the FSE was looking to do
major damage to the NSL system but got in over their head

well thats all so far I welcome any and all suggestions

Nik Linnell Tasmania Australia

>From what I have read, the system was held by the FSE (although it is a
NSL-sounding name...) and the NSL were the ambushers. The impression I
is that Neu Bremen may have been where the two Jeanne D'Arc carriers
being built and / or tested. However I could be way off the mark so
take me too was just my impression.

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