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Re: IF & UN colors/insignia

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 18:37:12 -0500
Subject: Re: IF & UN colors/insignia

>We've been talking this over at the workshop, for painting the
>ships (they're just in bare metal at the moment, haven't had time to
>them!) and the current thoughts are white and pale or mid blue for
the UN
>(probably overall white with blue detailing), and maybe either white
>cream with green and gold detailing for the IF.

My IF ships are black with green markings and a small amount of
detailing in white and gold, then gloss-coat three or four times.  If
I were using GZG mini's with good detailing, it would look great.
Even with the cheap styrene figs I'm using it looks okay.
>For insignia, the IF could be a crescent and star combination,

Possible although the Caliphate needs something too

>or the sword
>idea (or a mix of the two....),

Since the House of Sa'ud uses a white saber on a green field (with
some scripture from the Quran), I'd think the post-revolutionary IF
would shy away from that.  I selected black, white and green as their
colors because, in Arabic symbolism, black = strength, white = purity,
and green = paradise.  Note that the Prophet, on whom be peace, used a
plain black and a plain white banner.

>Jon (GZG)

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