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RE: IF & UN colors/insignia

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 23:09:21 +0000
Subject: RE: IF & UN colors/insignia

>If the IF is fairly agressive and expansionistic, may I suggest an arm
>holding a scimitar (sort of the sword of Allah approach).  And if the
UN is
>performing the same function that the UN has today (with all the
>engagement restrictions), perhaps concentric alternating red and white
>(a la a bulls-eye).
>Actually , on a more serious note for the UN, I like the idea of a
>blue UN on a white ship.

We've been talking this over at the workshop, for painting the display
ships (they're just in bare metal at the moment, haven't had time to do
them!) and the current thoughts are white and pale or mid blue for the
(probably overall white with blue detailing), and maybe either white or
cream with green and gold detailing for the IF. Note that neither of
have actually been TRIED yet, just talked about, and may in the event
disgusting (especially the IF one)!!

For insignia, the IF could be a crescent and star combination, or the
idea (or a mix of the two....), possibly in green and gold; I think the
will still use some kind of Earth globe, probably in blue.

Jon (GZG)
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>> Subject:	IF & UN colors/insignia
>> Now that there are [official] minis for the UN and IF are there
>> color schemes and insignia for them? I've seen some non-canon things
>> and there, and assumed that the UN was deep blue and some adaptation
>> the
>> modern  'UN Globe',and IF something like Red/Black/Green with some
form of
>> crescent insignia, but given the NAC "A" and the FSE's "Bull"
>> the
>> FT equivalents could be fairly significant departures from thier
>> counterparts.
>> Noam

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