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Fast-Ex 2183

From: Ryan M Gill <monty@a...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 17:57:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Fast-Ex 2183

Last Sunday there was a short war-game between our NAC forces and the 
Uber Allies the NSL. The disposition was made up of smaller combatants 
and a single battle cruiser. Forces were evenly match tonnage wise. 

The forces were
4 Arapaho Class Corvettes
1 Minerva Class Frigate
1 Miyazaki Class Sys Def 4MT armed Frigate Variant
1 Cassin Young Class DD (40TMF x2 pulse torps x1 class 1 2 PDS Thrst 6)
2 Huron Class CLs
1 Sovereign Class Fast BC (105TMF x2 Class 3[4arc] 
	x2 class 1 2 PDS thst 6) the RNS Black Prince 

3 Ehrenhold Class Figates
3 Waldburg Class DD
1 Waldburg M Class DD
1 Radetzky Class Escort Cruiser
1 Baron von Richtofen (the Baron himself)

The inital positions of the forces were with a small moon at the center 
of the engagement area which was roughly rectangular shaped with the
axis towards the system core/rim (right upper). The NSL forces started
as a central task force centered around the Baron. The NAC forces were 
positoned to the upper left and lower left quadrants. The Black Prince 
was in the lower left quadrant escorted by the two Huron CL's with the 
balance of NAC forces to the upper left quadrant. 

NAC --> 							<--NSL


NAC  -->

Inital closing speeds were rather low. The NAC forces accellerated with 
the Light flotilla advancing directly across the area of operations 
towards the NSL forces. The Black Prince advanced directly across as
with an obvious intent of bearing in on the flank of the Swabian Task 
Force. The NSL admiral split off a Waldburg M and a Ehrenburg to attempt

to delay the Black prince and its escort. 

		 NAC -->				 <--NSL
		lt flotilla				    BvR 	
				Moon		       /

		   NAC -->

The next phase is the Black prince made a close pass by the moon with 
some seat of the pants grav well surfing to hook intowards the NSL Task 
Force. The Miyazaki varian launched its MT missiles (2 EMP, 2 Nukes) in
tight pattern towards the most likely path of the Baron. 

The kentucky windage of the fire con officer directing the salvo of the 
missles was directly on and all four missiles were directly on course
the Baron. Unfortunately for the Baron the PDS fire of it and its ADFC 
escort were only successful in eliminating one of the EMP Missiles. The 
remaining 3 did a fair amount of damage. By far the EMP affect was the 
more critical as 1 firecon, a class 3 and a class 2 battery were
by the emp burst. 

Fearing the wrath of the Walburg M the Black Prince opened up a salvo 
against it at fairly close range. Apparently the NSL Captain delayed 
launching his Salvo much too late and paid for it. The 2 class 3's and 2

class ones eliminated the firecontrol and launcher of the Walburg M. The

Baron responded by firing part of a barrage at the Miyazaki that had 
launched the large anti ship missiles and a barrage at the Black Prince.

The Miyazaki suffered far worse for wear due to the barrage. Suffering 
damage to its firecon, main drive, Class 1 and Point Defense. The Black 
Prince came out unscathed due to the long range fire and excellent 
screens. Next the Cassin Young DD fired both torpedos and one found its 
mark on the Baron further chipping away at the vast amount of structure 
the Germans build into their ships. Fire was further exchanged and saw 
the CAssin Young damaged as well as the other Miyazaki and the Waldburg
and its escort. 
	Damage at this point was fairly severe for smaller craft of both

forces. The NAC Frigates and several of the NSL DDs being the worse off. 

			      NAC --> <--NSL
			      DD/FF	RB/DD/FF
					 / DD/FF
			  Moon	     /

At this point the NSL FF had the quicker fire respons and was able to
get a 
shot off at the Black Prince. Most of the shots went wide and the Cassin

Young DD (NAC) fired two pulse torps at point blank range at the Baron. 
These hurt the baron and caused a Threshhold check (drive damage). The
by firing at the DD and wiping it from the space near the moon. A futher

exchange of fire left the two NAC FFs mission killed and several NSL FFs

and DD's destroyed. The Black Prince and its escorts had been holding 
thier fire in reserve and placed several well aimed shots into the near 
(lower) NSL FF crippling it. Several other shots were placed into the 
Radetsky and Baron causing a further problems for the Baron. One of the 
four NAC Corvettes also suffered sufficient damage to end its presence. 

				    NAC FF ->
			      FFL\	 FF ->			     
			      FFL\   /DD    
			      FFL\     /CE  /FF 

				    NAC   BP->
	    `				    CL->

				   /DD	NSL

The above shows the general placement of vessels at this point. The
NSL DD and FF are mission killed (no thrust or Fire cons) The NAC FFs at

top are also mission killed. The southerly of the NSL DD's is partly 
there as is the FF. The only NSL ship not damaged is the DD at top. The 
RNS Black Prince and her two escorts are both slightly damaged (nothing 
near a second check). 

The NAC wins initiative at this point and First salvo is a directed 
volley against the Red Baron from the Black Prince. This causes a 
threshold check and looses the remaining firecons on the Black prince. 
Fire is further exchanged leaving the Red Baron without thrust and 
the craft behind the baron without any effective defense. The NAC CLs
the Black prince are somewhat damaged, but nowhere near critically. 

At this point the exercise referees decided it was wise to reactivate
engines on the Red Baron and call the exercise. Weapons were safed then 
the computers were taken out of exercise mode.	It was certain that the 
RN had carried the Day and that the KRF was in need of further training 
in use of Salvo Missiles. 

The count for vessels severly damaged or destroyed are 

2 FF's critical
1 DD Destroyed
1 FFL destroyed

1 BC critical (Red Baron)
2 DD's critical
2 FFs Critical
1 DD destroyed
1 FF Destroyed

Capable Platforms

1 BC (Black Prince)
2 CLs
3 FFLs

1 CE

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