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Re: Romans

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Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 12:16:39 EST
Subject: Re: Romans

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> Well, it shouldn't be too hard as long as you're not mixing SF and
>  historical elements on the field.

Darn,  I was hoping to have a Roman vs Kra'Vak game:)
>  Take a cue from FMA skirmish, where a change of scale and/or
>  redefined the values (for example, in FMA skirmish, an individual's
>  has a firepower die while in SG2, they often contribute to the squad
>  firepower die).

Seems resonable.
>  To that end, reorganize the charts for an ancient context.  If the
>  armour is full plate and shield, make that D12 armour.  If the
>  thing to kill is an elephant or chariot, make it D12x2 (vehicular). 
If the
>  fastest, deadliest fire is by well-trained longbow archers, make them
FP 3,
>  Impact D12.	If crossbows are to be included, perhaps they are FP1,
>  impact D12 or D12* and the longbow goes down to Impact D10.	Perhaps
>  are close range only, for example.

Makes sence, do you know were to find a good referance for that info?
>  You may wish to introduce new shifts in CC and instead of rolling for
>  individual close combat, you may wish to roll one die for each unit
>  apply the difference as casualties (a la Piquet).

Quicker when units units of 120 troops.
>  The command and control may need to be tweaked.  The leader has no
radio to
>  communicate with, so you may need runners which will introduce delays
>  communication.

That would make leading from the front very importand.
>  I think some diligence and imagination could give a very fun game.

I like to think I have both, right now what I seem to be missing is the
on the units, got any ideas as to were I could find that data?

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