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Re: Battle of Neu Bremen

From: Sean Bayan Schoonmaker <schoon@a...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 08:29:11 -0800
Subject: Re: Battle of Neu Bremen

>1/ It was an Ambush.  What does this mean?

I would figure that this involved either:

(A) A force hidden in an asteroid belt or planetary ring system.

(B) The FSE force being pinioned between two NSL forces. On the
this could very simply be represented by the FSE force near the center
the table, and one NSL force entering from either end.

>2/ Who owned the system at the time NSL or FSE?

I'd say NSL, though it may have been in contest at the time.

>3/  What does the system look like and what are the main assets found

I'd say that this is up to your own feavered imagination. However: for
FSE to risk two carriers on the system, it must have something (in
resources, manufacturing capacity, or strategic location) VERY spiffy.

>4/ In a recreated battle both players know more than the original force
>commanders so how is this "god mode" suppressed?

Make it so it really doesn't matter. If the FSE is being ambushed, start
the scenario as the trap is sprung. This way there is no way for them to
"see it coming." You can make sure that neither player knows the other's
force composition at the start, and possibly add more uncertainty by
small un its of "reinforcements" arrive after the battle is joined.

I would avoid the strategic element entirely, and concentrate on getting
the tactical scenario right before heading into those muddled waters.

>5/ What forces were available to each force?

Once again. Up to your imagination.

On the FSE end of things, it has to be at least two carriers and their
support groups.

On the NSL side, is has to be at least enough to beat the tar out of the


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