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RE: Battle of Neu Bremen

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 07:31:33 -0500
Subject: RE: Battle of Neu Bremen

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Brian Bell	  

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> Subject:	Battle of Neu Bremen
> We are trying to recreate the Battle of Neu Bremen.  This is rather a
> large
> undertaking considering that not one but two Jeanne D'Arc class fleet
> carriers.  We will be using the operational movement system out of
> Fire. But there are other considerations and here are a few
> 1/ It was an Ambush.	What does this mean?
> 2/ Who owned the system at the time NSL or FSE?
> 3/  What does the system look like and what are the main assets found
> there?
> 4/ In a recreated battle both players know more than the original
> commanders so how is this "god mode" suppressed?

> 1/Ambush. [snip]
> This brings me to my question how do you ambush in space?
  An ambush could be launched in space in a number of ways. All of them
suppose that you will know (guess) the route that the enemy will take.
all of them suppose that the ambush point is not where the target can
  1) Hide in the "shadow" of a planet or large asteroid until your
passive sensors indicate the enemy fleet is at a given point. This may
you a first shot opportunity. But then you would need to catch the group
that you were ambushing. Thus, you would need to have faster ships than
  2). Same as #1, but use a cloaking field. 
  3) Hound to the Hunters. Use a fairly large force to chase or drive
target to the real strength of your force. The chasing force would need
be of sufficient size that the target force would try to evade it (but
jump out). A large slower force with fast out-riders may be the best for
this. The main group should be at least 2x the strength of the target
Also, the main group would likely be hiding as in #1 or 2. Again the
group would need enough engine power to catch the target group. 
  3a) If the main group is not hidden, the chasing group would need to
quick enough to allow a pincher or envelopment type maneuver. Again,
are not realistic in space, but would work well on a game board.
  3b) Another variation of #3 would place the main group at the
of the target group. IN this case, both the chasing group and the main
would need to be quicker than the target group (otherwise the target
would avoid the two groups).
  4) You could drive/lure the target group into an obstacle. What
could be in space? ...hmmm... While it seems hoaky, you could pin them
against a mine field. The mine field would need to be _VERY_ large.
obstacles would be a ring system of a planet or an asteroid belt. 
  5) You could present a fake convoy of merchant ships and entice them
follow and attack them. The merchant ships would serve a 2-fold purpose.
Draw the target to your main force. 2. Make the convoy Q-Ships with a
lot of
firepower (Fighters? Missiles?), but little in the way of hull


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