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RE: [OT] P-O-P/Space Dread

From: "Dean Gundberg" <dean.gundberg@n...>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 11:31:56 -0600
Subject: RE: [OT] P-O-P/Space Dread

> ***
> okay, i am curious about the minis, but where are there pics to
> see?	the POP page doesn't seem to have photos.  the fleet packs
> look like a good deal....
> if anyone can suggest a web link, i would appreciate it!
> ***

I haven't seen my first reply come back yet but then my email has been
this morning.	Kallistra's website has pics up along with a line of
Pirate ships that were just released.  The fleet packs are a good deal
(unless you like lots of escorts)

> As was mentioned in a previous note, they were up on the 'M
> Collective''s web site, but taken down when ownership of the line
> changed. Never did hear the full story, though I'll assume the
> company decided to spite face by denying permission. Did the
> original display pics get you folks discounts? Only fair.

Basically once the rights for these minis went from Pendraken to
we had to take the pics down since our agreement was with Pendraken. 
Yes we
did get a deal on the minis and Jim, Mike, Matt, and myself all have
nice fleets of SD3000 ships and I hope to have at least one fleet
painted up
for GenCon next year.  I do like these minis even though they are a bit
simple, have little bottom detail, and change very little from class to
class other than size.	Each fleet does have a nice theme and feel to

If you do want to see the pics the M Collective did for Pendraken, the
are still there, just not linked to but here are the direct links
don't tell anyone ;)

Dean Gundberg

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