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[DS] Arachnid Racial Character (some Target Priority)

From: "David Reeves" <davidar@n...>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 11:23:16 -0500
Subject: [DS] Arachnid Racial Character (some Target Priority)

> Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 06:08:22 PST
> From: "Geoffery R" <>
> Subject: Re: [DS] More bug ideas (was RE: DS - BUGS!!!)
> A couple of idea's:
> A swarm without priority my attack, a unit attacking them, then the
> non Bug eg Tank, followed by the closed other non Bug unit.
> A swarm that has been programmed with a target will assault until 
> destruction (it or them) ignoring all others even if being attacked,
> revert to untargeted mode. It would take some special action to
retarget a 
> swarm.
> Hope this gives you some idea's.
> Buck

i have also been developing rules for a arachnid-type race which
rips off much of SST (the book and movie).  in my universe, arachnid
priority is a determined mostly by racial character.

first, let me briefly sketch the arachnid makeup, then outline target
priority.  note, that these are still in the works and subject to
i am also open to new ideas to incorporate!

the arachnids are a matriarchical hivemind, based upon a primitive form
of telepathy and pherehormones.  the brainbug (second only to the queen)
has the most refined communication ability.  it is responsible for
strategic direction by providing orders to the leader bugs.  leader bugs
control several (2-4) units of arachnids to handle the tactical level.
queen, therefore, provides direction for the whole race.  my goal is to
model the advantages/disadvantages of a hivemind.

the brainbug is responsible (before the battle) of determining target
priority.  an example would be: medium+ (size 3+) vehicles, then closest
direct threat.	leader bugs could overrride this, but would use an
and must roll greater than its current leadership/training level.  

[now here's the fun part]: if the brainbug is incapacitated or dead,
leader bug does the following - on a roll of 1-2 d6, the leader bug goes
berserk, close assaulting the nearest enemy within one move.  if no
is within one move, the leader close assaults the nearest arachnid. 
the first target is killed, the bug element stops to rapidly feast (one 
turn).	when the eating frenzy is over, the bug element will attack 
the next target (1-3 d6) or return to the nest at max speed (4-6 d6).
on a roll of 3 d6, the leader bug is confused and returns to the nest
at max speed.  if the leader bug manages not to go beserk, it uses its
orders (including target priority).  overriding the last order causes 
a -1 penalty applied to the die roll previously stated.

[even more nastiness]: 
if the leader bug is dead or nest-bound, all bug units under it go
1-4 d6 (as above) or return to the nest 4-5 d6 (as above).

while the arachnid hivemind is fearless and aggressive, loss of leaders
can shock the hivemind.  leadership-type bugs help hold the organization
together.  without them, the arachnids squabble amongst themselves 
(kill & eat).

i am also working on rules that cover large losses at once that shock
the hivemind....

i know i digressed from the target priority a bit, but i hope it was


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