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Re: World Map?

From: bbrush@u...
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 09:06:46 -0600
Subject: Re: World Map?

As far as the New Irish Republic goes, I have turned the entry in to
Jerry, but
he's been too busy to get it updated.  I have been designing ships, and
and getting things organized, but I haven't gotten a lot of it written
down yet.
I've got 3 designs in the Ship registry and a fourth submitted but not
yet if you're interested.


Steven M Goode <"gromit+"@CMU.EDU> on 11/15/1999 02:03:23 AM

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Excerpts from mail: 15-Nov-99 RE: World Map? by "Tim Jones"@Smallworld.c

Thank you!

Looking at the map, I was wondering if anyone's got plans for some of
the countries that don't appear as part of the major power blocks,
namely most of the Balkans, Ireland, and the equatorial belt of Africa?
The GZGpedia has entries for Greater Serbia and the New Irish Republic,
but they're blank.

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