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re: Vetrens day

From: Tony Wilkinson <twilko@o...>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 23:24:36 +1100
Subject: re: Vetrens day

At 08:53 15/11/99 +1000, you wrote:
>Michael Carter Llaneza wrote
>A friend of mine's father won the Silver Star in WWII, I shook his
>hand right then and there. He was surprised, so I was annoyed about
>America for a while (again, still ?).
>My Great Uncle won the Victoria's Cross in WWII, yet the only thing he
had in
>his house to show for it was his portrait (All VC winners get 2
>for the War Memorial in Canberra and one for their own). He was one of
>unasuming person I ever met, yet I was awed to meet him. After all, you
dont get
>the Crimean Brass for nothing.  My father said that Reg thought that
>where just as worthy if not more so than he was, he was lucky to have
>people see his actions.
>My father said (unfortunately Reg lived in West Wylong, about 500km
away from
>where I lived, so I only met the man once before he died) that Reg came
back fom
>the war, and just picked up where he left off, working the land. Yet as
>'cocky' he was a crack shot, shooting a japanese sniper out of a tree
to the
>amaizment to an officer (an action Reg believes helped him get the VC,
>apparently the officer was really impressed).
	 I grew up in West Wyalong and Old Reg was a friend both to my
father and
grandfather. He was a cheerful old bloke who I usually saw perched up
end of the bar and who called me "little Wilkie" (Dad got Wilkie) until
day he died. I had seen him march on ANZAC Day which wasn't really odd
because it seemed that all the men in our town around a certain age
marched. I never heard mention of any awards for bravery until after he
	I can only wonder at how many more are like him who came home
without fuss
and just carried on? I guess we will never know and that is just how Reg
wanted it.


>ObGZG: Cpl Reg Ratty won his VC charging 2 Machine gun nests during the
>Bougenville campaign. In GZG Terms, the squad was suppressed , but 1
made a
>desision to do something about it. Can SGII represent this is, or is
>level combat, and can it be actually modeled in the game?

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