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[SG2] Painted Star Wars Figures for sale/Trade

From: Scott Speiker <scspieker@n...>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 23:13:55 -0500
Subject: [SG2] Painted Star Wars Figures for sale/Trade

Hi all,
    I have recently come into a number of Star Wars figures which we
using for SGII games - which were quite fun with speeder bikes zooming
over the board herassing the enemy (<Insert Evil Laughter here>).

    Anyway, I have a number of painted figures that could use a new home
a few more battles to fight.  These figures are the 25mm variety made by
West End Games and there are a few more that had been included from the
BattleTroops boxed set of Kurita machine gun troops (they look exactly

    There are:
    30 Naval Infantry (rebel) dressed like the rebels in the star wars
defending the blockade runner
    1 rebel commando with camo poncho
    2 Rebel speeder bikes (also camo pattern)
    2 Rebel speeder bikes (unpainted)
    13 Imperial Army (including 1 officer)
    9 Imperial Navy (including 1 officer and two heavy support cannons)
    2 Imperial Speeder bikes (yes painted white and grey like in Jedi)
    10 unpainted stormtroopers
    7 painted stormtroopers
    1 Grand Moff/Imperial General
    1 pack (40407) Users of the Force figures (Vader, Ben, & Luke) all
light sabers

    That is 81 figures total.  The paint jobs are excellent (I did not
them myself, but are quite good) and the asking price:

    $4.00 per painted figure
    $6.00 per painted speeder bike
    $2.75 per unpainted figure

    Trade Interests: (probably be blesphemy here but Here it goes):
    Games Workshop wh40K imperial guard (cadian, tallarn, or Valhalla),
sisters of battle - in any condition (other than broken of course).

    There will be a set of photos for these figures posted on my web
    A bulk purchase/trade will confer a lower price per item of course.
Please send all questions or comments to my off-list address below.

Thanks a bunch,
Scott Spieker

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