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Re: [ft] fleet roster sizes

From: "What else is on this list of things you're not supposed to tell me?" <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 13:17:04 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: [ft] fleet roster sizes

Tom writes:

>looking at Indy's magnificent fleet rosters one again
>i wonder how many ships are on each; i could count them myself, but if
>Indy already knows, could he please tell us?

I used to have those numbers readily available, but lost the
paper they're on. I was also planning on generating a table
broken up by points to reflect the relative numbers each power
'has' of cruiser/destroyer/etc squadrons, if only to give a
basic idea that the NAC has X number of ship groups in the
800 - 1000 pts range whereas the FSE has Y number of ship
squadrons in the same point range.

Of course that *was* done on paper, and I lost that, too. :-/ Hafta
regenerate it some time here...

>furthermore, for the NAC he notes that battleships aren't listed, as
>are independent units; how many battleships does he see as being in

[jingle, boing, conk] "Yes"

then The_Beast writes:

>Magnificent job; I take back every nasty thought sent your way. ;->=

Heh. Tanks.  :)

>One suggestion, if time avails: full names on ships. I'm assuming I
>most of the origins of ships names, but one or two have me stymied.

Hmmm. Which ones?

and St^3 JT pens:

>>Sorry, don't have the book handy, but doesn't the FB have number in
>>service, as well as built, lost, scrapped, etc.?
>Yes, but only for the specific ship classes we detailed in the book.
>may be 32 Majestics in NACRN service as of 2183, but there are probably
>half a dozen other types of older and newer Battlecruisers still in

This is what I love about all this.  :)  Always keeping flexibility in

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