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Re: [OFFICIAL] New UNSC ships out!!

From: Adrian Johnson <ajohnson@i...>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 23:38:04 -0500
Subject: Re: [OFFICIAL] New UNSC ships out!!

>>When will they be available over here in the US?
>That's one for KR to answer (depends on how quickly he can get them
>distribution after we ship the masters over to him), but in the
meantime we
>can supply direct if you want. A number of list members can vouch for
>ordering direct from the UK - it is neither difficult nor expensive.
>Jon (GZG)

For what it's worth...


Just to reassure those North American list members who may not be
with ordering from the UK - I ordered a big pile of SG figures from Jon
month or two ago.  They arrived safe and sound in about five days -
door-to-door UK to Toronto, Canada by airmail including a weekend! 
service, and with that order, I didn't get charged any customs duties.

Just get Jon to write "Metal and Plastic Toys" on the customs labels -
some reason the Customs people seem to take issue with this product
called "figurines" or things like that.  I've had shipments get hit with
very high customs duty, when the customs people decide that I am
an art object or something...  Not that the figs aren't works of art, of
course... ;-)

Maybe it's different with US customs, but from my experience, getting
from the UK is fast and very reasonably priced.  Plus you can order
INDIVIDUALS and that is great when filling out units...


Adrian Johnson

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