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Re: [FT] Fire and Forget MT missiles (was MT missile control...)

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 13:24:36 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] Fire and Forget MT missiles (was MT missile control...)

G'day Ryan,

Here's Derek's reply.

Have fun


>Well if the target is beyond sensor range how are you targeting it in
>first place with an MT missile? Presumably the target has been revealed

>and you know it is in fact a BDN worthy of the MT missile and not a 
>measly escort. 

I'm assuming that you do have a friendly unit that is within sensor
range and
has gained a fire control solution (sensor lock) sufficient to launch
missile( OK. Under the sensor and ECM rules for our local campaign you
varying degrees of success with sensor rolls, one of which gives you
information to attack but doesn't yet reveal the ship.).

If you are getting your target ID from another vessel, 
>then you are getting relayed data from from that sensor picket. 
>Theoretically your task force has a data net that can include the

No theory involved here, even today such a network exists. NDTS I think
the US Navy calls it.

>Missile. Thus the missile has constant updates on ship positions and
>keep them straight even if they go beyond the 54" range for active (not

>that it could reach that distance)
>If you launch a missile at a target and another target is revealed by
>radar picket, I see no problem shifting the missile to that target. See

>it as a Fire Control Officer sending a "nudge" command to the missile
>shift targets. 

Here is the rule from my house rules for controlling missiles.

Controlling missiles.

The player designates a fire-control system on a friendly ship which
the missiles towards their target, the fire-control system can guide any
missiles to a single target and can switch targets from the original to
a new
target if desired. 

If the guiding fire-control system is destroyed the owning player can
immediately allocate a previously unused fire-control system in the same
different ship to take over guiding the missiles.

The player can also hand control from one fire-control system in one
ship to
another in a different ship if circumstances warrant.

The other additions I would want to mention is that fighter groups can
missiles if they are uninvolved in combat and the obvious one, the
target for
the missile has to be in active sensor range (if your using sensor

I agree totally with what you are saying while missiles are under
control and
not autonomous the controlling player can control the course of the
and can even change targets. He could even slow some missiles down so
arrive on target the same time as other missiles and/or fighters to help
overwhelm the enemy defences.

>Now I don't see a MT missile as being a valid means of 
>revealing ships from blip status, just following a target you want hit.

>See this as an issue with the sensor aperature on the MT Missile. Ship 
>board sensors have much bettero resolution based on inferometry and 
>signal power.

You're right I see the sensor system on the missile as optimised for its
purpose, that is to guide the missile to its target. So missile sensor
are not rolling to 'reveal' a ship from it's blip status, it's just
trying to
make sure the missile hits.

>> At time of launch designate target, if the target is within the
>> sensor range (insert your range here) missile moves towards the
target and 
> >attacks when in range as normal. If the target is beyond the missile
> >range then plot course to where you anticipate where the target will
> >once there the missile turns on it's sensor and looks for the
> >target. If the target is now within the missile sensor range the
> >will move toward the target and attack when in range, if the
> >target is not in sensor range then go to back up and attack the
>Why do I have to predict where that ship will be 3 turns from now? Why 
>can't I give the MT missile a bit of help with guidance just like 
>wireguided torps are handled nowa days?

I think you misunderstood the suggested rule is for 'FIRE AND FORGET' MT
missiles which are autonomous, that is once you launch them you have no
control over what they will do.


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