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RE: tugs and firing arcs

From: devans@u...
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 13:57:41 -0600
Subject: RE: tugs and firing arcs

>Can a target be in two arcs at the same time if it happens to
>be exactly on line between the two arcs?

typically you decide on the arc, either by rolling or the
defender choosing. This is what FT2 says IIRC.

-= tim jones =-

Of course, Tim's answer is perfect, but I'll get pedantic in
case you miss the point.

Effectively, your ship CAN'T be in two arcs at the same time.
Mathematically, it must be in one or the other arc, or on the
line between same.

Pg.9, Core Rules, FTII:
NOTE that it is the CENTRE of the model, or the centre of
its stand if its mounted on one, that is used to determine
the exact location of the ship itself; all distance and
ranges are similarly measured from this centre point.

Pg.25, Advanced Rules - General, FTII:
The ship models used in FULL THRUST (and indeed any
other tactical space game) are actually vastly over-size
compared to the space combat distances represented in
the game; in true scale, the actual ships would be so tiny
you probably couldn't see them!

Lawd, that St.Jon do the love the exclamation points, don't
he? ;->=

The idea above is that your model is a graphical representation
of a 'point' on the playing field. Unfortunately, Mark I
eyeball, awesome instrument that it is, can have difficulty
determining small arcs at large distances. Ergo, dice if
you can't come to an agreement, as with so many gray areas.

As some asides, this is the logic in Ogre Miniatures rules.
Also, it's why I really like to be able to get accurately
perpendicular base uprights, and am so ashamed of the
drunken quality of my own ships bases. Lastly, I generally
try to either mark or mentally note a feature on the top
of the model approximately dead center to do my measuring.


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