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RE: SGII special troops

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 08:20:54 +1000
Subject: RE: SGII special troops

Hi Steve,

As a best guide to start with you should really look at the provided
lists in the back of the SGII rules.

EW is something that can take a bit of getting used to in the game and
scenario wise you should place it carefully as it may bog the game down.
Consider the 'tech' level of your forces too; Militia troops are
unlikley to
have access to EW whereas Hi-Tek like New Israeli should have it in

Snipers - in SG the Sniper can severly unbalance all but well planned
scenarios. In reality you should expect to find true snipers at only
Battalion level (maybe two or three sniper teams at most in an Infantry
Battalion) SF likely have more. It is often a misnomer to call a soldier
with a scoped rifle a Sniper; the military Sniper is a highly trained
specialist operating very much independantly from a Company sized group.

SAWs - I've been using the SAW in my OU orbat nowadays as a very light
FPd6/IMPd10 weapon but running two per squad. IAVRs carried by every
man except the commander. Works well and adds a unique flavour without
giving unbalancing gameplay.

FLAMERS - don't forget these little beauties in assault squads. Bruce
Matthews has an Islamic Fed organisation that includes two assault
each with a flamer trooper for close work! Works well!

Some more food for thought.

Owen G

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> Subject: SGII special troops
> First off, thanks to everyone who helped me out with my query on SGII
> tactics.  Your advice made a lot of sense.
> I may soon be getting a *bunch* of OOP figs in a trade, and I 
> know that
> certain types of troops in SGII are not represented by models in the
> line of figs to which the figs in the trade belong.  So, I'll probably
> do a bunch of conversions.  The question is, what conversions?
> As far as I can tell, these are the special unpowered infantry troop
> types, the rough number that I think ought to be present in a given
> force, and where they ought to be located, organizationally.	Please
> tell me if you disagree, and why - this is just a rough guess at this
> point.
> Sniper - one per platoon at most.  Independant unit?	
> Detached element?
> EW - one per platoon at most, in the command squad, plus one in the
> company command squad.
> Heavy Weapons (IAVR, GMS/P, etc) - one per squad (a total of one, not
> one of each kind).
> Support Weapon (SAW) - one per squad.
> Medic - one per platoon at most.  In command squad?  Another in the
> company command squad?
> Drone team - one per platoon at most.  Independant unit?
> Crew-served weapons - one per platoon at most.  Independant unit.
> What'd I miss?
> Thanks! 

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