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RE: New fighter stand idea.

From: "Dean Gundberg" <dean.gundberg@n...>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 16:55:19 -0600
Subject: RE: New fighter stand idea.

>	Those little tripods that pizza places put in their carry-out
> boxes to keep the pie from being crushed would make fantastic fighter
> stands.  Just turn it upside down and glue the fighter mini to the top
> the one of the legs.	You can cut the legs at various heights and/or
> a heavy washer to the bottom places use to make it harder to
> flip over.
>	Since I don't know anyone in the restaurant business, I was
> wondering if anyone could give me a source for these tripods.

I've collected a bunch of them as I plan to use them for stands with
some of
the larger Starfleet Wars minis that I don't want to permanently mount
on a
stand.	There are several different versions of these tripods as every
delivery place seems to use a different one.  The larger ones wouldn't
that well for the fighter stands but the smaller ones would.  I've also
them use the other way, with the legs down and six fighters glued on top
the table part.

So my suggestion is order delivered pizza once and a while (which many
people already do) and keep notes on what kind of tripod they use.  Once
have sampled several of them (and gained a few pounds) you should have
idea on which pizza comes with the tripod that would work best for you.
Then I'd stop by that pizza place and ask for a bunch (maybe order a pie
to-go too).  You can use the excuse that your wife/girlfriend/etc needs
for some crafty stuff she is doing if they ask for why. Unless they are
uptight, you should be able to talk them out of a handful or two.

Dean Gundberg

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