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Re: Impending AAR - SG2

From: Jon Davis <DavisJE@n...>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 05:34:11 -0500
Subject: Re: Impending AAR - SG2

Thomas Barclay of the Clan Barclay wrote:
> All will no doubt be pleased to discover I've recovered quickly from
> McCarthy's merciless bolts of sarcasm (he explained it something like
> this "It's a bit of a conditioned reflex - see Mr. Barclay, make fun
> him - like the dog and the bell...."). Fortunately, that has been a
> common behaviour amongst my pals for eternity, so the carapace is
> capable by now. Besides, if Tom wasn't being funny I'd worry about him
> being sick.... after all, what are friends for?..... ;)

I have to agree with Mr. McCarthy and with Mr. Barclay.  I have met Mr.
Barclay only once two years ago at the GZG-ECC Convention and proceeded 
to blow him up with his own Colonial Marines APC and drop ship. "We work
for the Company."

This event ranks up there in those unforgetable gaming moments we all

I'm eagerly looking forward to the AAR.


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