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Re: SGII tactics?

From: Steven M Goode <gromit+@C...>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 00:35:36 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: SGII tactics?

Excerpts from wargaming: 8-Nov-99 RE: SGII tactics? by "Glover,
> Start playing your games with limited artillery and vehicles perhaps
only on
> one side. Add the arty and other special rules slowly; like EW and
> Buildings.

Yeah.  I'm starting with no vehicles, arty, EW, snipers, or aerospace.

> Don't try to 'play the rules' to get kills from long distance squad by
> squad. Use multiple squads to supppress a target whilst working
> squad into a close assault position. I will always recommend using two
> squads to close assault with. Use detachnents to distract other enemy
> whilst concentrating on covering your assault squads. 

I'll have to try using two squads to close assault.  The first game I
played had one example of close assault, and it decimated both the
attackers and defenders.  

> Keep your platoon HQ well forward to see what is going on but don't
> him to fighting the firefight. Let the squad leaders do their job but
the HQ
> should be in a position to act as a reserve if things get really

Yeah.  That was a mistake I made in my first game.  My platoon leader
bought it and everything went to hell.
> That's enough to start with.

How do you deal with crewed heavy weapons?  Their limited mobility seems
like a real problem. 

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