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[FT] emines/heavy beams (was SMR's / Wave guns...)

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 10:23:42 +1000
Subject: [FT] emines/heavy beams (was SMR's / Wave guns...)

G'day Bill, Chuck, guys,

Bill wrote:
>Hi guys!  I'm fairly new to the list.	I've been lurking for a short
>now, and now I'm ready to contribute something to the list.  I recently

>acquired the EFSB and I am very interested to hear some of the
>for heavy beams and energy mines that listers have developed....

We use emines and heavy beams now I've got my Narn painted up.

Chuck wrote:
>Also Beth, you said you had worked out the EFSB Beam battery's. What
>you finally cost/mass them and their capacitors out to be?

Ever happy to oblige... I used the existing EFSB FB conversions as a
starting point and came up with the following:


Our emines fairly similar to what Bill had, but just to rehash...

An energy mine launcher has 3 mass (1-arc) + 1 for each additional arc
to a maximum of 3 arcs), cost is 3xmass. Each mine purchased for use
the launcher has 2 mass and costs 3xmass. Energy mines are launched in
Salvo Mine launch phase. At this time an energy mine may be placed at
point up to 24 inches from the launching vessel and within the
firing arc. At the end of ship movement and before fighter's secondary
movement the mine detonates, any ships with their centrepoint within 1
of the mine take 6D6 damage, ships further away take less (-1D6 for each
inch they're further away so 5D6 at 2", 4D6 at 3" etc). The total number
rolled is the damage inflicted (no rerolls) with half (rounding up)
on ARMOUR (if any) and the remainder on the HULL. There must be an
operational Fire-control on the ship when the energy mines are launched.

We are thinking od doubling the cost of the mines themselves though,
a bit more hammering out/playtesting I think.

Heavy Beams

The projectors are 2 mass and the capacitors mass = 3xcapacitor rating
if you want it to be able to store 3 energy points its going to be 9
Each component costs 3xmass.

In a given turn a beam battery may discharge as many Energy Points (1 D6
per Energy Point) as it has stored at that moment through as many
projectors as the player wishes (if a single capacitor feeds more than 2
projectors no more than 6 Energy Points may be discharged through anyone
projector), subject to the usual targeting limitations and available
Control systems. It does not have to use all its stored energy at one
though it may if desired. For every full 6" between firer and target
is a -1 on the roll for each die. Level 1 screens also drop the damage
by -1 per die and level 2 screens drop it by 2 per die. After all the
and screen modifiers have been taken into account the total remianing is
the damage inflicted. Any 6 rolled before modifiers due to range allows
reroll which is counted at full value with no range or screen

To recharge the capacitor, at the start of each turn, during the order
phase, roll 1 die for each capacitor on each ship equipped with beam
batteries. On a 1 or 2, 2 Energy Points are stored, on a 3 or 4, its 3
Energy Points and on a 5 or 6, 4 Energy Points are stored. These new
Points are added to any existing stored Points. The amount stored can
exceed the capacitor's rating, excess Energy Points rolled are wasted.

During threshold checks roll separately for each projector and
If a capacitor is knocked out (damaged) immediately roll again. On a 1
or 2
the system simply loses any stored Energy Points and may begin to
next turn as norm (i.e. otherwise undamaged). On a 3, 4 or 5 it loses
stored power and its rating is halved (i.e. can not store more than
rounded up, of its original rating) for the rest of the game. On a 6 the
capacitor is knocked out completely and any associated projectors may
fire for the rest of the game, the vessel also takes additional damage
equal to the number of stored Energy Points currently in the capacitor.

These seem to work pretty well as they are.

Hope that helps


Elizabeth Fulton
c/o CSIRO Division of Marine Research
GPO Box 1538
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