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an alternative to the Nova Cannon

From: BDShatswell@a...
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 00:25:35 EST
Subject: an alternative to the Nova Cannon

Hiya Beth and everyone,

While typing out my antimatter salvo post, I considered the implications
an MT missile idea.  If the nations of the future could have antimatter 
ordnance for their smaller missiles, then why not for the larger ones?	

These larger missiles would follow all the regular rules for MT missiles

except when the owner detonates the missile (or it connects with a valid

target) it affects a four-inch radius.	The explosion in the inner
radius inflicts 4D6 damage to all objects inside it.  For every inch the

explosion spreads, the force of the blast loses one die.  

Although arguably not as potent as a Nova Cannon, these weapons are
powerful in their own right.  Shields don't have to be dropped, and the 
owning ship can still fire the rest of its armament during the turn of 
launch.  The owning ship need not charge the missile prior to launch. 
the owner of this missile directs its movement.

I am not sure exactly how much these should cost.  I see that the
other load-outs of missiles in the MT book all cost the same and have
same mass.  Perhaps this particular form of ordnance requires more mass
safety concerns, or it may be that an antimatter MT missile is
larger than the standard missile.  I know I wouldn't want one of these
accidentally go off in the launch tube!  What do you all think?

Bill Shatswell

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