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[FT]Scenario Question

From: Donald Hosford <hosford.donald@a...>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 03:11:57 -0500
Subject: [FT]Scenario Question

My friend has desided to try a game of FT.  On that thought, we came up
with a few ideas for a scenario:

Scenario:  Convoy escort gets jumped.
Game System: FT-FB
Forces:  2
Player A: Space Patrol
   Units:  A dozen or so freighters.  And a handfull of ships destroyer
and smaller.
   Goal:  Get as many of the freighters off of the map before they get
Player B:  Local Space Pirate Band
   Units:  Several pirate ships.
   Goal:  Cripple as many freighters as possible before they get away.
Special Rules: Pirate Q-ship.
   We have been playing with the idea of maybe allowing the pirate
player to include one Q-ship amongst the freighters.  How to do this?
Background: This is taking place in a pirate infested frontier sector.
The convoy is passing through a system on its way else-where when the
pirates jump them.
Notes:	We haven't yet desided on force sizes or compositions.	Any

Problem 1: The Pirate fleet -- My friend has desided to be the pirate
player, and is designing his ships.   Should there be a limit to how big
or what type of weapons are allowed to him?  (He has already designed a
destroyer with a class-4 beam weapon...It doesn't have much, but it does
have the class 4...ouch.)

Problem 2: Freighter capture -- How does the pirate capture the
freighters?  Is it reasonable to allow the pirates to have tractor
beams?	Or does he use some kind of "aimed shots"?

Donald Hosford

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