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Re: Underwater questions [ot]

From: Donald Hosford <hosford.donald@a...>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 02:29:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Underwater questions [ot] wrote:

> In a message dated 11/2/99 11:37:53 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> > Could the vehical used vertical ducted fans for lift?
> >  Then the sub's shape could be maximized for underwater use.
> I think that wouuld work, altho they would have to be retractable.
> -Stephen

I was thinking, maybe the ducted fans could be built into the body.
With these hatchs that would slide over the various openings when it
landed on the water.  Either they would compleatly seal the ducts, or
just "streamline" them.  So that way it would have it's air engines/lift
ducts nice and dry.  I think the ducts would have to be tall enough for
the fans/engines to be above the water line while it was floating.

Other than the position/shape of the ducts/propulsion engines/control
surfaces, the craft could be almost any shape.

BTW, I always thought the flying sub from VTTBOTS was built like
this...though they never did discribe it.

Donald Hosford

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