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RE: What's it all mean?

From: "Kieran \"KR\" Rohan" <krs@g...>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 21:49:31 -0800
Subject: RE: What's it all mean?

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Subject: What's it all mean?

I have been shopping around my interest in the GZG license for some time
very quietly.  Paul Perry sounded me out about my future plans for the
license last month and I told him quite frankly that I was interested in
selling the molds if I could find someone to assume the license.  That
person would have to meet Jon Tuffley's approval of course, as I did
when I
first bought the license from Jon in 1993.  Paul had been running demos
the Tucson area for me and Enigma games, and I had chatted with Paul in
years past when he traveled to Europe to play hockey.  Paul later called
asked me my price for my molds and such.  I named one and he accepted.

At that point I asked that we get something in writing so that I would
some assurances and begin the process of informing Jon and the market at
large that the license COULD be changing hands.  Nothing HAS changed
as yet, a letter of intent is just a formality of business stating that
wish to sell such and such and Paul wishes to buy.  We still have issues
work out, not the least of which is whether Jon approves - the major
step in
this entire process.  The letter of intent gives us a time frame in
which to
resolve differences and complete the sale, that's all. Business will
continue as usual and I will continue to sell GZG rules and minis even
the license does go to Paul as I have his assurances that I will remain
distributor of GZG.

Paul Perry and I are NOT entering into any kind of partnership or
arrangement other than the sale of my interest in the US license for
Geo-Hex, its patents and trademarks are not a part of this sale.

My reasons for selling my interest in GZG are personal and private, and
will not discuss them here. They in no way prejudice Jon Tuffley or
Zero Games.  I have enjoyed making and selling Jon's products and will
continue to do so. Jon understands my reasons for wanting to sell my
license, and knows that if this deal does not work out I will continue
seek a suitable person or persons to carry on the license for him here
the US.


Kieran (KR) Rohan, Owner, Geo-Hex

P.S. I guess in answer to the question posed in this post, from a
point of view its "just a thing"

Well, according to an posting on R.G.M.M,

"...Paul Perry, and KR of Geo-Hex have signed a letter of Intent for the
Exclusive North and South American rights to Ground Zero Games.  This
includes all molds and figures for the following lines:
Full Thrust
along with other Misc. Items.
I have major plans to improve the casting quality of the Pewter and
kits (aka get them cleaned up).  And will also be working to bring over
lot of the UK line to the US. ( Hammers Slammers, Additional Fleets for

Anyone know what this means for us, the US GZG customer, on a practical
level?	Is this a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing?

John X Crimmins
  " one of the secret masters of the world: a librarian.
They control information.  Don't ever piss one off."
  --Spider Robinson, The Callahan Touch.

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