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Re: Underwater questions [ot]

From: DracSpy@a...
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 11:19:19 EST
Subject: Re: Underwater questions [ot]

In a message dated 11/2/99 12:00:34 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> >1)  What is the maxium practical speed for under water transporation?
>  about 30 knots, this is what the fastest russian attack subs could
>  up to with high yeild reactors

Okay, so the comunities would be close together.
>  >2)	What does a person need to live and what should be in the 
>  >under sea 
>  >comunites?
>  air, water, food, a place to reproduce. Basically if you have energy
>  as fusion plnats you could manufacture or grow all you require, like
>  biosphere projects that are running now. 

>  >3)	Is there a detailed design system for Submarine design?
>  Basically the albacore project found that the best shape is a fat 
>  If you mean xisting game system, I don't know of one.

Okay, altho a little boring.
>  >4)	Would a submarine fighter (like from Sea Quest or 
>  >Archemdian Dynasty) be practical?
>  If you had small enough power plants, yes but likely to be more
>  dolphin shaped than aeroplane shaped.

Okay, would high enfinshancy (sp?) fuel cells work?
>  >5)	What is the best shape for a lander desgined to move 
>  >though the air and 
>  >go into the water?
>  In air how is it propelled? If it has anti grav then a fat cylinder
>  it it has to fly then something like voyage to the bottom of the 
>  seas flying sub which is based on a manta ray.

I was thinking of an Aerobraking based insertion, would it work to have 
lateral movement when it hit the water?
>  >6)	What would be the best simulater for underwater combat be?
>  Do you mean game system,  full thrust depth factor/aquazone variants
>  would be pretty good for underwater dog-fights.

I think that's going to be the best way to go.
>  >7)	Would "cralwers" be usable?
>  depends on depth and sea bed composition, but yes on the continental
>  where the sediment wasn't too deep. 

Okay, as the planet would be young I think that it would be hard enough
>  >8)	What does it take to do under water mining?
>  Depends if you are extracting nodules or sinking shafts. Nodule
> be
>  large sleds or air lifts. Shafts would have to have cassions sunk
over the 
> sea
>  bed and facilities for waste extraction.

>  >9)	What would be the normal shapes that buildings be based on?
>  Domes or spheres as they resist pressure the best

>  >10) What type of weapons would work (lasers are out, but what 
>  >about Sonic 
>  >weapons)?
>  I would think mostly guided weapons such as torpedoes are going to be
>  the most effective, these would be smaller and faster and have
>  guidance systems. Projectile weapons would have hopeless ranges
compared to
>  guided weapons but could be used for close in fighting as well as 
>  arms or boring weapons.

Would a KEP type weapon be practical?
>  depth charges, mines and hedgehogs as well.

>  Sound would be difficult to focus and enegry weapons would be
>  too easily.

Okay, thanks.

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