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RE: Terrain based on Actual Places

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 07:45:32 -0500
Subject: RE: Terrain based on Actual Places

I purchased some elevation maps of the area near my Grandmothers house.
is in middle-south-eastern Ohio (US). The land there is very beautiful
a national forest, rolling hills, some steep hills (over 60 degrees),
rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, mines, farms, small towns, and assorted
interesting features. A lot of the roads are cut into the hillsides
would allow for hard cover or hull-down positions. I believe that the
had three major influences in forming the terrain. The first is
drift (the same forces and plates that formed the Appalachian
The second was a major Ice Sheet that covered Ohio in the Ice Age and
receded back the way that it came. The 3rd (with the least effect) is
Ohio River and the Great Lakes; while much more minor in effect, they
contribute to the moisture in the air and the type of snows and rain
thus erosion) that the area experiences. [Not being a geologist, I may
off on these assumptions].

Back when I was playing Battletech, I was going to make terrain to match
features of this area. The hills and trees are tall enough that they
hide a several story tall battlemech. Given enough time, energy, and
I would like to make a DS2 scenario that would take place in this area.

Most DS2 (or other ~1/300th scale) battles take place on fairly flat
terrain. Part of this is due to the trouble of making terrain (or
it). Part is due to the trouble of setting it up. Part is due to the
that range is restricted (some people like to shoot it out long range).
is due to the fact that heavy terrain often requires a larger game area
maneuver around some obstacles).

I would like to hear if anyone has played a game of DS2 with such rugged
terrain. The terrain above would have at least 6-9 elevations.

Brian Bell	   

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> I love it, let us know how it all turns out.	Actually that's a pretty
> good
> idea, has anyone else thought of using maps or drawing of real
> for
> their SG / DS games?	I'll have to keep that in mind.
> > I'm essentially trying to set up a (reasonably) true-to-scale
assault on
> the
> central campus of my university

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