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Re: [DS2] Second American Civil War

From: Randall Case <tgunner@e...>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 20:27:02 -0600
Subject: Re: [DS2] Second American Civil War

> Hi all.  Got a question for the UK members here.  Some friends and I
> about to recreate some of the key actions of the Second Civil War
> Any thoughts on UK units and equipment that might have taken part?  In
> fact, any of you US sophonts can include thoughts on Federal units and
> equipment as well.  This is for the NCS history.
> Thanks in advance
> Jim Clem,  President, New Confederate States

Howdy Mr. Pres! LOL!!

Acutually my group here in Alabama played a round of Second American
War scenarios about a year ago, and I have a few general outlines  for
equipment we used. Here are a few pieces:


M-8 Schwartzkopf MBT (Class 3 hovertank with a HKP 3 (Enhanced firc
Class 3 reactive armor,  HMT powerplant, fast mobility, and Enhanced
The Schwartzkopf was the MBT for the US before the war and served in
Federal and Rebel forces. Units used by the Southern Alliance (a
of southern states- mainly Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas,
Mississippi, Louisiana, and southern Virginia) were called the Lee MBT.
There were only 3000 built before the war, and war losses and weakened
production lines kept the number fairly low. The Southern Alliance never
fielded more than 800. Both sides fielded this tank in 56 MBT battalions
(four line companies each with 14 tanks plus a two tank command team).
Southern Alliance tended to concentrate its armor in a handful of ACRs
Armored Divisions, while the Federal forces tended to spread their armor
among their mechanized divisions.

M-6 Powell IFV- A infantry carrying varient of the M-8. Replaces the HKP
with GMS/H, a RFAC 2,  and troop carrying ability. This IFV numbered
8000 or so units (counting varients) and served as the main personnel
carrier of the war. The Southern Alliance refered to their  M-6's as the
Jackson IFV. Other varients of this vehicle range from M-7 Crusaders (SP
arty) to M-3 Mitchells (AAA). Just replace the main weapons and troop
compartments with the appropriate equipment.

M-8 Funk ACAV- Named for the legendary General Funk (3d Armored Division
in Desert Storm). Class 2 vehicle with reactive armor, fast GEV
RFAC 2 (Enhanced FC), and GMS/L. ECM Enhanced. All Funks are purchased
the Artillery Observer option. Southern Alliance units were known as
ACAVs. There is also a special troop carrier configuartion of this
that replaces all of the weapons with a two team troop compartment
(generally one team is artillery observers, the other is APSWs or line

Here is the regiment I used in a running campaign:

12th Alabama Armored Cavalry Regiment.

Formed in Northern Alabama from various local National Guard units and
militia, the 12th ACR served as the Alliance's main armored force in
northern and centeral Tennessee during the Nashville Campaign (August
through December 2055). The regiment served V Corps in its defense of
state capital in both scouting and assault modes. The regiment
itself during the Battle of  Franklin as it covered the retreat of the
battered V Corps into Northern Alabama.

After Franklin, the regiment was rebuilt and played a vital part in the
Tennessee Valley Campaign. It's role in the defense of Decatur saved the
Alliance's 3d Army and bought time for the 2d Army Group to assault weak
Federal screening forces in Chattanooga. The Alliance counteroffensive
able to punch strait through the Anglo-Federal rear and force their
withdrawl into western Tennessee. That offensive brought the
back to the peace tables which bought by year's end favorable terms for
Alliance's return to the Union.

12th Alabama ACR (2055)- Veteran level by 2055. The Regiment was
into the NAC Army and later was transfered to the NAC's Reserve forces.
2183 the regiment was known as the North Alabama Hussars, and was call
active duty to fight in the 3d Solar War. Later that year, the
reservists of
the 2d Battalion, NAH would face a new, alien threat... : )

HHT: Command Troop
2  M-6 Jackson command varients (with 2 troop stands)- Command unit
2 M-8 Lee MBTs (both serve as independent command units)
4 M-3 ADA (With Area Defense capibility)
Dozens of assorted 'soft' vehicles serving in various support roles

Alpha Troop

1st Platoon: 2 M-8 ACAVs (regular), 2 M-8 ACAVs (troop carriers)
2d Platoon: Same as first Platoon
3d Platoon: 4 M-6 IFVs (with full troop component)

Typically Alpha Troop had 12 troop stands- 6 line infantry, 2 observer,

Bravo and Charlie Troops are the same as Alpha

Delta Troop:

Command: 2 M-8 Lee MBTs
1st Platoon: 5 M-8 Lee MBTs
2d and 3d Platoons are the same as 1st Platoon

Generally, Delta Troop Cross-attaches its platoon to the light platoons,
normally one of the light troop's platoons replaces the attached

Echo Troop (Heavy weapons)

Atry battery of 8 SP guns plus ammo carriers

Fox Troop

6 VTOL gunships and 4 VTOL scouts (can't find those stats!)

Typically I would field a full troop (either of the first three troops)
light armor and attached a platoon of MBTs. I also chipped in a few
from Fox Troop and arty support from Echo Troop. I seem to remember the
point value being around 2000 points (but I might be remembering a 40K
of mine!).

This force is very fast and rather flexible... but it is *very* missile
heavy and doesn't fair well against heavy armor in the open- but it is
MURDER on tanks in urban terrain!!. Its best bet is to fight in depth,
conduct a mobile defense. In the attack, I go for Delta Troop as the
force and borrow heavily from Echo and Fox Troops. I also invest in air
support and more arty when in an assault against dug in infantry (they
are V
Corps artillery battalions and Alliance Air Force fighters).

Hope that give you some ideas : )


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