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Re: [OT] BFG Questions ?

From: devans@u...
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 06:46:59 -0600
Subject: Re: [OT] BFG Questions ?

> I know I am going to get some flack for this, but....
>	  I bought the GW two fleet deal. You get the BFG box set, 3
blisters of
> Cobras.  3 Blisters of Idolators, a Retributor battleship, a Desolator
> battleship.  You also get a choice of either geting 2 Blackstone
> Fortresses, or a Blackstone and a Battleship.  You also get a lot of
> mine, fighter, and bomber minis.  As well as a nice looking pewter

Sorry, but what GW two fleet deal is this?  This sounds extremely
Can I have some more details?  Always interested in package deals. 

I've obviously gone a little fuzzy on the 'deal'. I thought you had your
of the original box plus stuff to make a larger fleet, either Imperial
OR Chaos.

I'm pretty certain it was a pre-release offer, and, in US, $120-$130.

Whatever, I wasn't that impressed with cost 'savings', but Mark's right,
way to get a large block of figs fast. I'm jealous of the pin, though.

As for flack, if you mean buying mail order or local, it's GW that
should get
the flack for undercutting they're distribution. You go, guy.

I did buy my copy direct from local guy. You gotta love, and support, a
that sez, 'here, Doug, I don't need these...' and 'these' turn out to be
fair-sized unit of Citadel Melibonean cavalry.

I went for this deal mainly because I need this minis for my Gothic
Thrust game at GenCon.

Mark, have you gotten anything worked up for posting about your new
variation, or are you going foist 'em on the players without a warning?

I think I've seen hints here and there, but, after a psuedo-demo on Sat
GW's rules, I think I'd like to have some FT-based ones to show folks.

I reckon someone's pulling your leg, there aren't any ships with drill
bits for

Well, SpaceFleet had an Imperial ship with a drill bit coming out of a
at the prow. And two claws on other side. Truly sick, and would do fair
as an
Ork vessel.

The Ork Hulk picture built by Chambers has a claw on one side, and an
missle rack on the other; pleasant to see bits of the old SpaceFleet
tail, for one) carried into the new, even if only as garbage.

I wonder how many folks will pick up on the part of 'you can build your


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