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Re: Any FT in game stores near Wash DC?

From: Aaron Teske <ateske@H...>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 23:29:05 -0500
Subject: Re: Any FT in game stores near Wash DC?

At 09:31 PM 3/24/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Well, this is an interesting turn of events.  No more than a month
after I
>meet all the great people at the East Coast Convention do I discover
that I
>may be living on the East Coast by the time the next convention comes

Makes it easy, hey? ^_-

>Seems my dear wife (sorry, Mike Siefert, you can't have her!) 

Or anyone else, I imagine....

>(For my feelings on St. Louis, note that I plan to run a game at next
>year's East Coast Con called "Nuke St. Louis!".  No offense to anyone
>likes the place, but St. Louis and I have just never made it to a first
>name basis.)

<grin> Went there to visit the University of Washington in St. Louis...
wasn't bad, and my... cousin-in-law, I guess, made for a pretty good
but I ended up going to CMU instead.  So....

>So. . .my only real concern is finding a game store that stocks FT!
>(You know you're too avid a game player when. . .you base major life
>decisions  on proximity to a good game store!)

Hey, it's not *that* bad of a decision basis.  And it was something I
looking for when I moved up to north Jersey after getting my job here...
unfortunately, there's nothing *really* close (well, work is, which was
also a point since I don't like long regular drives) but there is a
store about a half hour away.  GW Chapter Approved, but also has a full
suite of Warzone, Clan Wars, and more, so I can't really complain.  And
CA mark does mean they have gaming tables, and the owner's very cool. 
I'm helping him paint the BFG minis tomorrow. <grin>

Then, get people started on BFG... and then switch 'em over to Full
^_^  It's a plan, anyway....

Oh -- and there are several stores in/near D.C., the most notable being
Game Parlor (IIRC) in Chantilly, though that may be a bit of a drive for
you.  There are others near the city... one good one a bit south, but
name escapes me.


					Aaron Teske
A totally unprovoked attack on peaceful neighbors. Must be the race 
file. Does strange things.
		--Rick Kucejko, on the War Monger PRT in Stars!

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