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Re: OT: [SF]Variable Fire Arcs...

From: Donald Hosford <hosford.donald@a...>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 02:28:59 -0500
Subject: Re: OT: [SF]Variable Fire Arcs...

Oerjan Ohlson wrote:

> This sounds pretty much like the Thebans from the Crusade novel and
> scenario module... The nearest thing we have in FB is the EFSB Beam
> weapon, though that doesn't hurt nearly as much when it blows up :-/

I wouldn't be surprized if they had recycled some/all of the old
when they reset the universe.

> > Also in Starfire there are no adjustable/buyable firearcs.	All
> weapons
> > (even guided missles) have a standard arc:	F, FP,FS,AP,AS (FT
> > equivalent)  (After a while, all of the starfire ships started to
> look the > > same to me...
> I've heard Starfire players say pretty much the same thing about Full
> Thrust, although they swapped the lack of different fire arcs for the
> lack of different weapons :-/


> (That said, we've put quite a lot of work in making other ships than
> BCs with Capital Missiles viable combat units - successfully too, it
> seems, at least judging from the number of wildly different
> "unbeatable" designs I've seen during the last year or so :-) )
> Later,
> Oerjan Ohlson

Are you talking about Starfire in that last comment?  Well I have some
house rules for the game.  It is a definite improvement in the way the
game feels.

Remove all of the "wet navy in space" feel.  (Tell the WW2 gamers to go
back to broadsides...)
    1) change the turn mode costs to 1 facing per turn for all ships,
allow any ship to improve this by adding another engine for each
additional turn mode point.
    2) Throw out the hull class based speed limits. If someone wishes to
give up weapons for more speed, letem.
    3) Throw out the Carrier hulls, and the hangerbay differances for
non-carriers.  (spaceships don't need specialized hulls to carry
    4)	Change the function of the Multiplex tracking to a targeting
sensor.  Each level bought adds one to the hitroll.  (spaceships are
loaded with computers, any tracking data could be sent to every weapon
     5) Move the shield generators inside the armor like any other
system.  Then add up the number of shields each turn to deturmine the
defence that turn.  (with them affected before the armor, they seemed
another type of armor.)

To our satisfaction, these changes removed the "wetnavy in space" feel.
and turned it into "space ships in space" game.

Donald Hosford

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