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Dirtside II FMA Enhancement Play Test

From: "Andrew & Alex" <Al.Bri@x...>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 18:53:55 +1300
Subject: Dirtside II FMA Enhancement Play Test

James Whitehead <> wrote:
>Okay the first update to the new Dirtside II FMA Enhancement is here
>I have re calculated the chits for armor dice and confirmed the D6 as
>standard armor die type. Modifications for the costs of armor dice
>than a D6 will be rather cumbersome as cost / dtype ends in
>.3333333333333333 ect. Besides the D12 ends up being the armor
>a DFFG at close range. All armor and infantry hit damages should be
>against the D6. A static armor number would be the armor level times 3.
>Thanks to Andrew Martin for this fix.
    There's only one small problem....

When rolling a number of dice equal to the weapon class and of type
according to weapon damage, and comparing the highest die with the
opponent's highest dice of a number of D6s according to the target's
level; if the damage dice are bigger than D6, there is between 25% (D8)
50% (D12) chance of kill, no matter what the defender rolls. Similarly
HEL attacking ablative armour, the defender has a 33.3% chance to be
to the HEL, no matter what size it is.
    I found this interesting fact out in this afternoon's play test
1938 French versus English. As a method, it's quicker than chit draw or
using my chit tables, about 1 minute at most for a platoon that moves,
shoots and hits, 30 seconds if they all miss. As a method it's nice and
easy. But the problem with the armour remains.
    So while the average is spot on, the range of the dice causes the
problem, once compared to another dice of a different sort.
    At the moment, I haven't thought of a good answer to this problem.

Andrew Martin
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